Renewable Energy & Conservation: WA State Utilities and Transportation Commission

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How To: Find renewable energy programs in Washington State; Conserve energy.



The commission oversees energy conservation services offered by regulated utilities. Conservation is defined as any reduction in energy consumption resulting from increases in the efficiency of energy use, production, or distribution.

  • Company Conservation Programs Plans and Targets
  • Company Conservation Spending Data
  • Conservation Incentive Programs for Consumers
  • Energy Company Advisory Groups Calendar

Renewable Energy

The commission oversees renewable energy programs offered by regulated utilities. Renewable energy, or ''green power,'' is defined as energy produced from solar, wind, geothermal or other ''green'' sources.

  • Overview of Renewable Energy programs
  • Green Power Programs in WA 
  • Renewable Incentives for Consumers
    • Net Metering - receive credits for power you generate
  • Renewable Energy and Conservation Initiative
  • Integrated Resource Planning - Companies'' plans for renewable energy generation
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