Earth Month Kids Contest 2016 Winners

Category: Earth Month Kids Contest Published: Sunday, 19 November 2017 Written by Super User

Shine a Light on Environmental Action

1st prize – Windmills by Nikhita Bontha

My picture shines the light on "Windmills". Windmills uses abundantly and freely available wind energy to produce electricity without burning fossil fuels that can be very harmful to the environment.

2nd prize – Greenhouse by Kennon Casper

"Nestled in the small country town of Connell, the Connell High School greenhouse is a hidden treasure. In the bright month of April, the greenhouse is packed with flowers, herbs, vines, vegetables, hanging baskets and more; all planted by the high school students themselves, as they strive to make their community a little more green every year. As the public visits the greenhouse to purchase these plants, they contribute greatly to the efforts of solving environmental issues by encouraging people to grow and use local products, allowing kids to figure out how to work with mother nature to produce .."

3rd prize – Rattlesnake Mt. & fishing boats by Emily McLaughlin

"This picture shows fishermen unloading their daily catch on the docks after a long day of fishing. I took this photo during sunset at the Columbia Point Marina Park last summer. Over fishing is a serious environmental issue that affects every part of the world, not just or little corner. By understanding how our actions affect the environment, we can preserve the beauty and biodiversity of the Columbia river region."

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