Delta EV Engineering Club

Category: Community Last Updated: Monday, 26 December 2016

Students with exceptional athletic skills are encouraged to join a sports team and receive valuable mentoring from skilled coaches. 

 Top notch chemistry, physics or math students just get more homework!   These exceptional individuals need a venue to challenge and develop their skills.  They need hands on projects that apply classroom knowledge in real life situations.

 The ΔEV club challenges our students in a competitive environment that tests commitment and imagination with concrete measures of success and failure.

  What does ΔEV do?

 ΔEV designs, builds and races single person, electric vehicles in organized competitive Electrathons.  The objective is to provide students the opportunity to apply their classroom learning to a realistic engineering endeavor.  Like an athletic sport, participation spans the 4 years of high school. 

  Year 1: The focus is on the basics of using power and hand tools; tear down and rebuild of an existing car; and competition.  After racing the car in the first season they have a clearer understanding of what works, develop a drive to win and come out of the season with an inkling of how little they actually know. 

 Year 2: In the second year the focus is on developing essential fabrication skills like welding, tube bending and basic electrical system assembly.   Students help assemble new cars designed by more experienced team members.  Leaders begin to emerge, organize teams and begin to design and fabricate a new car.    Each new car will have a specific new design element and their car will become a test platform for that engineering concept. The importance of physics, chemistry and math to winning races becomes real.


 Year 3: Team members focus on completing their car and racing to win. The races will be engineering test grounds that drive optimization of the car performance.  3rd year students also act as mentors to the younger students and learn by teaching.


 Year 4: Seniors focus on overall club objectives and the long term strategy for winning races.  They quantitatively evaluate what technology improvements will best improve the clubs racing ability and decide how to prioritize and implement those engineering tasks.  These seniors are spokespersons for the club and are active in speaking to the community about our goals and values.


 Building race cars is just an activity.  The club’s real objective is to build men and women that will be tomorrow’s leaders in a technology driven world.  We can’t just let our best and brightest get there by chance.  We have to show them the mistakes we made, show them our successes and most importantly let them understand that imagination is the most critical aspect of technical expertise.


 What is an Electrathon? - An Electrathon is a competitive race that tests the electrical energy efficiency of the car and driver.  Powered by two automotive batteries, the winner is the vehicle traveling the farthest distance in 1 hour. 


 Who Can Join ΔEV? - The club is open to any Tri-City high school students.

What is the Cost of Club Membership? - ΔEV members, or their parents, are not expected to contribute financially to the club.  We raise money from local firms, benefactors and organizations that understand the long term educational value of this activity.  Incidentals for food, lodging and travel may be incurred.

How Much Does a Car Cost to Build? - A car costs about $3000 to build and ~$500/yr. to maintain and race.  Most of these expenses go to purchase of motors, electronics and batteries.  Some goes to purchase of mechanical components like safety harnesses, steering parts, wheels as well as welding supplies and specialty tools.